Networking Strategies for the Digital Age

The digital age dictates and transforms our connections with others, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, many students and professionals are actively looking for ways to keep up. Grace Park, Associate Director at CMC’s Career Services, lent a hand on March 19th by presenting tools and strategies for digital networking. From establishing one’s interest and purpose in connecting to how to have a successful informational interview, Grace outlined practical steps in connecting with other professionals in one’s field of interest.

Consider the importance of the diversity of your connections, Park emphasized. “Make sure that you’re talking to people with varying years of experience,” Recent students can share about their experience transitioning into the workforce, but senior administrators and directors can share more about the structure of their companies and how they got to where they are now.

Park also emphasize the importance of capitalizing on social media. LinkedIn is a crucial resource. Students and alumni can often utilize their college’s networking data within the LinkedIn application, and the application shows mutual connections, which can be beneficial. “You can reach out to that mutual connection and say, ‘I would like to do an informational interview with so-and-so . . . Would you mind connecting us?’” suggested Grace. Whether one uses a mutual connection referral or not, networking can be helpful for gathering more information about one’s field and potentially finding great opportunities.

To get more great tips and resources for networking or career strategies, feel free to reach out to Grace Park or any of the Career Services staff at or (909) 607-7038. This event was co-sponsored by CMC’s Soll Center for Student Opportunity and the Berger Institute for Individual and Social Development. Follow @bergerinstitute for future event information!