Welcome to the Berger Institute

Berger interns

Our Mission

The Berger Institute was established in 2001. The Institute takes a multi-level analysis of approach in investigating individual, social, and contextual predictors of development and well-being. The focus of the Institute is dynamic, as it addresses contemporary and relevant social issues. The research agenda is driven by the vision of each incoming director. The Berger Institute supports high-quality interdisciplinary research by talented CMC professors, which will lead to publishing opportunities; provides challenging and stimulating educational experiences for CMC students from freshman year through graduation, resulting in high-quality student work and publishing opportunities. The Institute also develops and implement programs that connects the wider CMC community, including alumni and parents of students to provide practical information about successful development and change.

The Berger’s research agenda for this decade  focuses on

How We Thrive.

The goals of our research agenda include:

  • advancing understanding of how psychological states and social environments lead to well-being,  health and disease,
  • disseminating and applying health and well-being research to real world settings
  • educating relevant stakeholders including educators, students, parents, and policy makers on the importance of how people, communities, and societies impact health.