The Berger Institute provides year-round opportunities for education and empowerment through retreats, workshops, lectures, and panels from distinguished researchers and innovators around the world. Our popular programming has an applied component focus on cultivating essential skills for resilient, and compassionate leadership.



Our retreats give students the opportunity to network with fellow peers and learn from experienced facilitators about empowerment and using their voices for effective communication and change.

Our workshops help students build essential 21st century skills, such as resilience and communication. Every spring, the Institute hosts a Women and Leadership Workshop, which connects students with successful alumni and further prepares them for leadership roles after graduation.



The Institute hosts academic lectures throughout the year on topics ranging from the economics of health disparities to the importance of evidence-based practice to the latest well-being research.

Our panels bring in diverse views from experts on topics ranging from the future of work and technology to mental health for APIDA identities. Q&A sessions bring in additional community thoughts and perspectives.