Research/Job Opportunities


Student Research Assistants

Student research assistants work with faculty and staff on research projects assisting with literature review, data collection, data analysis, and research. Research assistants often have the opportunity to write, publish, and present their own research. For more information on our current research please follow the link below, or contact our Research Coordinator, Jessica Vicman, at

2021 Grants

To celebrate our recent name change, the Berger Institute for Individual and Social Development is offering faculty and student grants to reflect our current focus on How We Thrive. Find more details here.

Faculty Grants

The Institute issues small grants for faculty for either research or programming that focuses on relevant themes and interests of the institute. To inquire about a faculty grant, please contact

Berger Institute Research Grant

This grant supports and expands the ongoing research of CMC students and faculty by helping to defray the costs of a specific, student-led project. All disciplines and research methodologies are welcome and the research should address contemporary social issues that is of interest to the student. The recipient of this grant is required to conduct research under the supervision of, or in collaboration with, a faculty member. The award amount varies according to the scope and subject of the project.

Summer Internships

Students can gain real world experience by participating in a summer internship with an organization whose mission aligns with that of the Berger Institute. The organizations should be related to Berger’s mission of advancing knowledge of health and development for the individual and for society.

Interested applicants should submit a complete SIE Application, which includes the application, 4-6 essay questions, a faculty reference (as opposed to a letter of recommendation), a resume, an unofficial transcript, and a budget.

All application materials must be submitted through the CMC Sponsored Internships & Experiences (SIE) Program portal on SurveyMonkey. After creating an account, applicants will provide all the necessary documents, including the confirmation letter if available, directly to SurveyMonkey. Materials will not be accepted via email or hard copy.

The deadline for this submission is May 31, 2021. For more information, please refer to the Sponsored Internships & Experiences Program Page.