Claremont McKenna College

Research Briefs

Part of the agenda of the Berger Institute is to conduct and translate research for the public on how people, communities, and societies impact health. This research has implications for policy, practical applications, and theory, and is relevant for a variety of groups: educators, students, parents, practitioners, policy makers, etc. Below we summarize some of our most recent studies.

Resilience and Connections with Sleep and Health

Despite the fact that many children grow up in poverty, many exhibit resilience, or successful adaptation and competence. Recent data, however, has also shown that adaptation in the face of adversity often comes at a health cost. At the same time, there is much we do...

How Early Conversations with Kids Affects Their Emotional Understanding

According to new research from the Berger Institute, the way mothers of different cultures talk to their children may affect kids’ understanding of emotions. In the past, research has shown that early conversations with children about emotions and mental states are...