Advancing Tech and the Future of Work: Experts Share Their Insights for What’s Next

Experts came together at the Athenaeum on Monday, February 10th, to discuss the evolving workplace and share their predictions about the future of work in the digital age. Panelists included Arjun Lall (’07), Co-Founder at Rocket, Faye Sahai (’90), Partner at Miral Global, and Stacie Yee (’99), Partner at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP. Ms. Yee shared her view of the future of work from a legal perspective, such as how biometric data collection is impacting privacy and how there is a renewed interest in unionization in protecting employees from an automated workforce. Ms. Sahai gave an overview of all the different ways work is changing due to technology, from a sharing economy to autonomous vehicles to 3D printing and encouraged the skills that will be needed in this era of change. “This decade will see more change than any that has preceded it,” agreed Mr. Lall, who gave advice on ways we can thrive in this new environment, such as being adaptable. David Day, Academic Director of the Kravis Leadership Institute and moderator of the panel, encouraged discussion on what we have to be optimistic about for the future and how future careers might change. The panel is part of the 20/20 in 2020 theme for the CMC research institutes and is a collaboration between the Berger Institute, the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and the Kravis Leadership Institute. Keep track of future events.