Students Envision Their Futures at the Annual Women and Leadership Workshop

Students from the 7C’s and CMC alumni gathered at tables around the McKenna Auditorium to take part in the annual Women and Leadership Workshop on Friday, February 7th. The event gives students a chance to gain advice from alumni and professionals in various fields, work through pathways to success, and navigate networking and finding their voice. With the theme of “Envision Your Future”, the keynote presenter and workshop leader, Dr. Cindy Pace, Vice President and Global Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Metlife, motivated students to find their purpose. “Purpose is the imperative for empowering women to lead. It can provide direction and motivation to stay the course in the face of obstacles and career setbacks,” stated Dr. Pace. After hearing her advice and networking with alumni and peers, students had the chance to put some of her advice into practice. Dr. Pace led the group in trying to pinpoint their mission. A few students passionately shared their answers, and Dr. Pace encouraged others to share their thoughts with others around them even after the event. “You have to speak it, because as you speak it, it comes to fruition,” she said. The workshop was sponsored by Tom and Susan Handley, and hosted by the Berger Institute, Kravis Leadership Institute, and the Mgrublian Center for Human Rights.