Women in Accounting Panel

By Parker Mallchok ’17 and Lindsay Slocum ’17

Monday’s (3/28) lunchtime panel at the Ath included panelists Emily Rollins ’92, Partner at Deloitte, Hilda Echeverria, Partner at Ernst & Young, and Maryellen Galuchie, Managing Director at Grant Thornton. They all admitted that being in a male-dominated field was slightly intimidating at the beginning. “We almost started dressing like men! Button-downs, ties…” Rollins said, laughing. However, Galuchie noted that there are more female leaders now than ever before, and the trend will only continue.

All three panelists expressed gratitude toward their male mentors and encouraged the men in attendance to ask themselves of their female co-workers: “What if this were my sister?” In response to how they approached starting work in this male-dominated world, Rollins responded that she was always a competitive person, and that this is a key element to bring with you to the office. Beyond just competing with men, you should compete with yourself to do your best.

Moderating this panel was an honor. As women planning to enter similar fields, we were inspired to hear how much these incredible women love what they do, and that women and men alike have been instrumental in their careers. Hearing about their individual work-life balance, which is important to everyone who wants to have a family and a career, was refreshing, as they are excellent proof that you can do both.