Berger Students Attend WPA!


In early May, seven Berger Institute research assistants attended the Western Psychological Association’s annual conference to present posters of their latest research findings. This year’s conference took place in Long Beach, and it was an excellent opportunity for our students to show off the hard work they’ve completed here over the past year.

In the pictures here, clockwise from the top left, are:

Kelsey Gohn ’16 and Lauren Livingston ’18 (“College Students’ Plan for the Future: Men and Women’s Priorities.”)

Kelsey Gohn ’16, Adrienne Johnson ’16, Tyler West ’16, and LillyBelle Deer ’15 (“Work-Life Priorities of College Students within Specific Fields of Study.”)

LillyBelle Deer ’15 talks to an interested observer.

Lauren Livingston ’18 gets some pointers from a tiny aid.

Not pictured are the following students/projects:

“College Students’ Anxiety Regarding Work-Life Balance,” LillyBelle Deer ’15, Adrienne Johnson ’16, Tyler West ’16, and Lauren Livingston ’18.

“If I Think I Can: Do Short-Term Career Search Self-efficacy Interventions Work?” Kelsey Gohn ’16.

“Employing Narrative Techniques to Investigate Socio-Cultural Processes and Cognitive-Linguistic Outcomes in Young Children,” Alejandro Zuniga ’17 and Timothy Valdez ’19.

Congratulations to all on a fantastic job! Our seniors will be missed.