A Berger Cram Session

By Adrienne Johnson ’16

Some of our best teamwork occurs when our research team meets up for a 3-hour meeting and has a “cram session.” During these meetings, which happen every couple of months, we discuss and develop all of the various projects we’ve been working on since the last meeting. These meetings start with catching up while munching on bagels and soup from Panera, but by the end they usually end up being our most productive meetings because our whole team is together, including Professor Kanaya.

At our last Berger cram session, which concluded the fall 2015 semester for our research team, we reviewed our accomplishments from the semester, such as our successful submissions to the Long Beach WPA Conference, as well as our future goals, such as launching blog posts like this one. We knew we wanted to convey to readers the variety of experiences we’ve had as research assistants at the Berger Institute, but none of us were experienced bloggers at the time. Luckily, our program coordinator Gabi Grannis was able to join us and offer her insights. The team spent the meeting sharing our various Berger experiences and throwing around ideas about how to best convey them to readers. We left for winter break feeling accomplished and ready to move forward for our spring semester Berger projects!