Student Research Projects

Currently, the Berger Institute is leading two independent research projects. The first project (dubbed the “Work-Life” project) investigates the work-life goals and values of Millennials. The second project (dubbed the “Family-Children” project) investigates the family-child dynamics of Latino families.

These projects are particularly relevant because they address not only the largest demographics entering the labor force (Millennials and Latinos), but also require the use of various research methodologies and populations such that we are able to offer valuable research experience to students with a wide array of interests, skill levels and motivations.

Both are also underexplored in the research literature and allow for many publication and professional conference presentation experiences. Indeed, three Berger research assistants received “Best Student Presentation” awards at the Western Psychological Association conference in 2010, 2014, and 2015, based on data from the family-child project.

To meet our current research assistants, please click here.