School + Marriage + Kids = It’s Possible!

Imagine working in a lab, volunteering at multiple clinics, and studying for the MCATS, all while balancing a full course load. Now imagine doing it with a spouse and two kids. Marine Corps Veteran Brian Dix ’17 (the oldest student at CMC!) and his wife Stephanie talk about the challenges (and joys) of making it all work.

Many thanks to Janet Dreyer and all the teachers at The Children’s School for making work-life balance better for our community!


It’s Possible…

Life can be overwhelming. You’ve got classes, lab, sports, a job, and extra-curricular activities to manage—not to mention friends and family who also want to spend time with you. But it’s important to have work-family balance, and you don’t have to tone down your ambitions to maintain it. It doesn’t seem possible, but it is! In this first installment of our “It’s Possible…” series, Vanessa Liu ‘17, Reid Dickerson ‘18, and Andrew Levihn-Coon ’15 talk to us about their incredibly busy schedules, and how they cope with stress and fit in some much needed down-time. We invite you to take a closer look.
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